The mall (Huamark & Bangkapi)

The Mall Group  is a shopping mall. It is one of Thailand’s largest mall operators. it includes more than 200 brand stores and restaurants as well as a multiplex movie theater. That’s a shopping near Wattana Place.


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Big C (Huamark)

Big C, or Big C Supercenter is a grocery and general merchandising retailer. Big C is now Thailand’s second-largest hypermarket operator after Tesco Lotus’s Thai unit. Big C has more than 10,000 items for you to shopping specify local brand items. Big C also near Wattana Place that can walk with in 14 minutes.


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Ramkhamhaeng street market

Eastern Bangkok is virtually synonymous with Ramkhamhaeng Road, a major traffic artery jammed every morning and evening with commuters working downtown. Rising property values in Sukhumvit has made this area more interesting to foreign expatriates in recent years, although seeing a farang is still a rare occurrence. With a total length of 18km, Ramkhamhaeng Road starts at Phetchaburi Road near Sukhumvit and ends in the far northeast at the junction with Suwinthawong Road (in the neighbourhood, Min Buri).

There are plenty of shopping malls in the area, and these are your best bet for getting daily necessities. If you want to buy cheap, there is an interesting street market running kilometers north along Ramkhamhaeng Road from The Mall Ramkhamhaeng 3. Many of the stalls only set up around 18:00, so the area is at its liveliest around 19:00. Expect endless stalls of clothes and accessories, mostly visited by local (female) commuters.

Open time from 18:00 – 22:00


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