Thailand has cultures and traditions that are inherited for a long time. Thai people has a simply way of living and full of wisdoms by its surrounding natures as a main factor for living. This regards to the old saying “A Land of Milk and Honey”. Thailand is a tropical country and abundantly rain throughout the year, which form bamboo forests. Thai people learn to use of bamboo in their daily life such as “Takra” (bamboo basket), “Kradong” (threshing basket) and other appliances. Moreover, bamboos are used as a building materials in housing such as walls, floors and ceilings. These reflect the wisdom of Thai for bringing natural materials that are   easy to find, durable and suitable for climate in Thailand to apply in the daily life. In addition, 70% of Thai people are agriculturists and their livings are interesting. The instruments using in the occupations such as “Sum” (fish-trap), “Hae” (fishnet), “Takro” (muzzle) and others which might be rare today. All of these have inspired Baan Thai Boutique to present and preserve “Thailand Way of Life” concept in order that you will be experiencing when staying with us and learn the wisdoms of Thailand.


Room Description

At Baan Thai Boutique, There are three concepts of guest rooms for choosing: 1) Thai farmer room concept, 2) Thai gardener room concept 3) Thai fisherman room concept. You would impress those beautiful Thai experiences under the concept of “Thai Way of Life”.

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