Thailand is famous for its fruits such as durian (King of fruit), mangosteen (Queen of fruit), rambutan, longan, mango, coconut and others. Moreover, they are export products that generate revenues for the country. A fruit-gardener has a very interesting living lifestyle with their working tools and weaving handcraft. you will experience the life of Thai fruit-gardener. One example is “Takro” (muzzle) to collect the fruits. It is suitable for collecting mango, longan and rambutan since these fruits bear fruits at the end of their stems. As a result, the “Takro” (muzzle) made from rattan will prevent bruising or marks on the fruits.

Thai gardener room concept

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Type Publish Rate
Deluxe : Queen size bed 2,500 THB
Deluxe : Twin size bed 2,500 THB

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